Monkey Chatter

As the winter nights are drawing in, the Christmas TV ads are being shown on our screens each night. Every year big brands compete to have the best advert out there, so we thought it was only right to have our say on the best of the best. 

1. Iceland

This Iceland advert drew online attention through shares and mentions and has been hugely popular, even though it was banned on TV. The powerful message about the effect that palm oil production is having on the orang-utan population is causing huge controversy and we think the not-so-christmassy advert is clever and has become very successful. 

2. Sainsburys

This advert leaves you feeling festive and ready to snuggle up on the sofa watching Christmas films and reminded us of the film ‘Love Actually.’ Its cute and fun, and we just love the boy dressed up as an electric plug that somehow jumps into a socket. It seems he melted the hearts of others too as he’s been chatted about a lot on social media too!

3. Heathrow

The Heathrow advert is this year’s top contender for pulling a few heartstrings and won us over with its much-loved Heathrow bears with loving Christmas spirit. 

4. Waitrose

There are a couple of Waitrose adverts this year and this one is one worth the watch. This advert is only allowed because of their partner company, but it plays on the hype of the John Lewis adverts each year in a relatable and humorous way. Clever and funny. 

5. Aldi

Kevin the Carrot returned again in a two-part advertising campaign which has got people talking and sharing, with a very popular soft toy carrot that has been sold in stores and even caused chaos and queues as they were sold out and re-sold online.

6. John Lewis

The much anticipated John Lewis advert tells the life of Elton John. It’s heartwarming and nice. It generated a lot of chat online, both positive and negative. However is it Christmassy or is it just an advert for Elton John?

7. Very

This understated sweet animated christmas advert has pulled our heart-strings, following a little girls dreams to become an astronaut. Very’s festive slogan this year is “Find the gift that helps them find their gift” and is inspiring to everyone. 

8. Boots

This advert is all about a relatable relationship between a mum and her daughter. It’s festive and loveable.