Not just a one trick pony



Brand Design:

Avert an identity crisis. Whether your brand needs building from the floor up, or you simply need to modernise your image, we will work with you to create a brand identity that reflects your company’s personality and appeals to the people you need to connect with.



Even in a digital age, print media remains a powerful marketing tool and we have years of experience working in print design.



A website is the cornerstone of any company’s image. It’s the first place that your potential & existing customers will look when they want to figure out what you’re all about. Not only can we design and create a cutting-edge website but our SEO experts can make sure that your site becomes a frontrunner in the search engine race.



3D / Animation:

Why stand still when you can move ahead of your competitors with the help of our animation and 3D design skills? Take a look at our portfolio page to see the work of our talented design team in motion.




These monkeys have got pedigree… Gingermonkeys have twice been the design team responsible for a ‘Best Stand’ award at the annual BIBA  insurance industry conference. We work hard to ensure that our clients stand out for all the right reasons.

We also have experience in programming themed parties and smaller-scale events. If you have an important date coming up on the social calendar and need to impress, contact Gingermonkeys.



SEO / Social Media:

All dressed up and nowhere to go? There’s no point in having an expertly-designed, cutting-edge website if you’ve no one to share it with and show it off to. Our SEO and social media team will ensure that your website climbs the social ladder in no time, prodding it to the top of the search engine rankings. We’ll also work with you to build your presence in social media circles: a must-have for any discerning modern business.




If you are on the hunt for an efficient means of communicating directly with your client base, speak to us about GingerMail. It’s a fast, efficient, cost-effective and – most importantly – easy to use – email communication system. It dodges spam filters with the speed of a patas monkey (that’s the fastest monkey in the world, you know) and lands straight in your clients’ inbox so you can keep them abreast of your news, with an impressively-designed mass email.



Sometimes, there is no louder way to beat the jungle drum than to get out on the streets, where the people are. With our AdBoards and AdScreens, we offer an innovative and unique way to promote your event or business with these travelling screens.


Copywriting & Proof-reading:

A picture tells a thousand words. But sometimes you just need a few words to tell your story, or sell your brand. We’ll make sure you choose the most powerful phrases, every time. Our copywriting and proof-reading expertise can be offered as an individual service, or as part of your design package.