Creative Fuel #1: Trevor’s Inspirations

If you poke around our website, you’ll get some idea of what we can create here at Gingermonkeys. We want you to be able to scratch below the surface, though and get an idea of what fuels our imagination.

This week sees the start of a series of blogs showcasing some of the designers and artists that have themselves been sparking ideas and creativity in our design team.

We’re starting with Trevor, our Creative Director. He’s been in the business ‘a while’ but still gets excited by quality design and his passion for typography is as strong now as it was when he had a Monotype typesetting machine tucked away in his garage at home.

Trevor’s first pick is “master of typography, layout and humour” Vic Lee. Vic self-identifies as “a wordsmith, a mapmaker, a typographer, ragamuffin and freestyler.” His pieces range from large-scale murals to framed prints; he’s created inspirational wall designs for company headquarters for the likes of Metro newspaper and Marks and Spencer, often comprised almost solely of intricate, freehand lettering. Steeped in vintage influence, Vic’s work is also concerned with documenting the modern day; his ‘Londonereas’ series provides a snapshot of some of London’s most iconic areas, a document of the capital’s ever-changing landscape.

We tried to contact Vic to see if he had any news that he’d like us to share, but his out of office was on. Like a true pro, even his auto-reply was worth a read.

On a very different note, Trevor also wanted to highlight the work of award-wining artist Jake Wood-Evans, whose haunting drawings and paintings provide a grotesque take on antique and modern portraiture. Having studied at the Prado museum in Madrid, Jake now resides in Hastings, on the south coast of England.


Jake Wood Evans

With faces and detail often obscured, as though defaced, damaged, or simply degraded over time, Jake’s work gives a sense of hidden history, untold stories; a macabre twist on a classic genre.


Jake Wood Evans

For an insight into Jake’s work, visit his website, or the London Art Fair later this month (21st – 25th January 2015), where he will be exhibiting alongside a wealth of contemporary modern British artists.


Next Week: Tim Dart, Art Director.

NB: The cover image of this post is also the work of Jake Wood Evans.


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